Securing Web3 Through ID

PrimeID™ is your trusted online identity.

The PrimeID™ platform enables teams to authenticate Founders and Team Members and enables them to communicate in a secure way.

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No Dominant ID Standard in Web3

A lack of verifiable identities for participants in Web3 ecosystems enable bad actors' cybercrimes including social engineering, fraud, catfishing and cyber bullying.

Currently, there is no simple method for a Web3 project Founder or Investor to verify identities and create a trusted network of authenticated connections.

A trusted verified network for individuals online

The PrimeID™ acts as a Know Your Customer (KYC) for the online user by confirming the identity of an individual via our patent pending process and technology.

PrimeID™ instantaneously confirms the identity of the individual thereby indicating a pass or fail, while only storing a minimum of data from the customer. We don’t just verify an email address or phone number; we confirm the identity of the individual.

As a result, we are creating a trusted, verified network for individuals online.


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